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Extensive consulting about gear and drivetrain related topics are being offered. The focus is on turbo and wind power gears and on gears for test stands. The main activities include consulting on drivetrain and gearbox development, know-how transfer and training, advance engineering and gearbox design, support in marketing and sales as well as gearbox failure analysis.

A solid basic knowledge of gears is essential for OEMs, who develop drivetrains and have to specify gearboxes, as well as for gearbox manufacturers, who intent to optimize their current gearboxes or extend their gearbox portfolio.

The following section shows an outline of the offered services.

For OEMs:

  • Consulting on drivetrain and gearbox development
  • Define gearbox requirements / Write gearbox specification
  • Gearbox evaluation and optimization of gearboxes
  • Support in supplier evaluation and selection
  • Gearbox failure analysis
  • Sales of turbo gear unit: Sales agent for Kissling AG, Switzerland

For gearbox manufacturers:

  • Gearbox development
  • Know-how Transfer and training
  • Gearbox sizing (gearing, bearing, power loss, oil flow)
  • Gearbox design
  • Support in marketing and sales (markets worldwide)
  • Calculation of profile and lead modification
  • Interpretation of API standards
  • Software (Advance engineering and gearbox sizing, frequency plan, determination of assembly position, torsional stiffness, noise level)
  • Support in sourcing, manufacturing and quality control
  • Gearbox failure analysis
  • Support in gearbox inspection

Epicyclic gear units

TSSG star gear
Parallel shaft gear units
Integral gears with thrust cone
Special gear for test stand