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Star gear TSSG


Ingenieurbüro für Getriebetechnik also supports on gear types which are not (yet) such common in the market like the star gear (known also under the names power distribution gear or multi layshaft gear). This coaxial gear unit has many similarities to a compound planetary gear. By replacing the annulus ring of a compound planetary against a low speed sun gear a star gear unit is obtained.

The star gear combines the advantages of epicyclic and parallel shaft gears and is therefore the first choice for applications with high power and speed. The star gear TSSG is an in-house development of a star gear with a focus on simplicity and competitive manufacturing costs.

The abbreviation stands for Two Sun Star Gear. This abbreviation differentiates the gear unit against the common words “star gear” and “compound star planetary gear” for planetary gears with stationary planet carriers. The TSSG layout is simple and allows the optional integration of high and low speed coupling and coupling cover into the gear design. The typical gear ratio range is from 1.2 to 18, in special cases up to 25.

Advantages of TSSG